Plots and Perils in Darkmoon Vale

Session One: Arrival in Falcon's Hollow

The PCs entered Falcon’s Hollow and quickly noticed the sickness in town. They ran into Sheriff Deldrin Baleson. He told them a bit of what was going on, and made suggestions of where they could go and who they should avoid. They started with cinnamon-crusted flapjacks at Jak’a’Napes. They asked Jak, the proprietor, a few questions about the sheriff, and were told that he is the only person to ever stand up to Thaldrin Kreed, the local boss of the Lumber Consortium.

After breakfast they ran across Roots and Remedies, the business of Laurel the herbalist. There was a long line of sick people waiting to see Laurel, but thanks to the intimidation of Torvek and River’s pet lion, they avoided waiting in line for an hour. River and Dutch had a confusing conversation with Laurel, but learned of the three special ingredients needed to create the cure for blackscour taint: Elderwood moss, rat’s tail, and seven ironbloom mushrooms. Laurel also told them their best bet for finding these ingredients is to speak with Milon Rhoddam at the lumber camp.

Before leaving for the lumber camp, the party decided to visit The Sitting Duck, an inn popular with adventuring types. The only person present in the main room was a halfling going by the name of Evan. Torvek had a long and (again) confusing conversation with Evan. The halfling said the rest of his party was still asleep, and that they had been spending time up on Droskar’s Crag looking for ways into the old Dwarven tunnels.

Eventually, the group left Falcon’s Hollow to make their way to the lumber camp.


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