Plots and Perils in Darkmoon Vale

Session Two: Entering the Forest

Dutch, Torvek, and River made their way down the dirt road to the lumber camp. On the way, they noticed some tracks crossing the road from the direction of the Darkmoon Wood. They followed the tracks, but after a short distance they mysteriously disappeared. The heroes considered following the tracks back into the forest, but decided their mission to relieve the suffering of the residents of Falcon’s Hollow was more important.

After a near-altercation with several loggers, the party met with Jarlben Trookshavits, the camp foreman, and Milon Rhoddam, the most experienced woodsman working for the Lumber Consortium. Milon revealed that his nephew was suffering from blackscour taint, and gave the group a map showing the most likely locations for the ingredients necessary for Laurel’s healing mixture.

The party headed into the forest, following a route that would take them around the lake in the center. According to the map, the Forest Elder, where they would find the elderwood moss, was on the other side. On their way, they were ambushed by a hobgoblin and his pet razorcrows. River’s focus was on the trapped and wounded firefoot fennec (a local breed of fox) that was the bait that drew them in. Torvek used his massive shield and heavy armor to protect River from the arrows flying out of the trees. Dutch stepped into the trees to try to locate the sniper, and picked off the two razorcrows while she was at it. It took some time, and several insults were hurled (between party members, no less), but the group eventually found the sniper and worked together to finish him off.

The next day the party found the Forest Elder, the oldest tree in Darkmoon Wood. Before they could search for the elderwood moss, a strange creature that looked like a large snake with two arms burst out of the branches and attacked them. It coiled around River, but Torvek and Dutch were able to kill it before it could do much harm to her. After River caught her breath, they found and collected a large sample of elderwood moss, but left enough behind to be certain that it would continue to grow.

The group decided to move on to their next target. On the way, River’s lion companion, Summer, sensed something strange in the forest ahead of them. The party waited, weapons ready, until a small, strange humanoid shuffled out of the underbrush. It appeared to be a kobold, but it’s flesh was rotting and a large portion of its skull could be seen. As it moved closer, Dutch realized it was a zombie, one of the undead, her most hated enemy. The zombie kobold barely had a chance to attack before the party destroyed it. The zombie had a sign hanging around its neck, with a message only River could read. It read “shaman”.

The companions took a short rest to discuss their plans. They were concerned about the possibility of someone creating undead and sending them through the forest. They knew, however, that they could do nothing until Falcon’s Hollow was cleansed of blackscour taint.



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